Breeding Philosophy

Libertas Lipizzaners follows the Studbook on the Origins of the Lipizzaner Breed as mandated by the European Union and upheld by Piber, Austria as the holder of the Studbook of Origin of the Lipizzaner Breed.

Libertas Lipizzaners strives to breed classical, baroque type Lipizzaner horses from the imperial bloodlines. As per the Studbook of Origin, Libertas is seeking to preserve the Lipizzaner as expressive, noble and harmonious with exceptional suitability to perform the movements of the Haute Ècole or High School. As such, Libertas is preserving the Lipizzaner in it’s traditional form as Baroque parade mount and classical dressage horse.

The Studbook notes that every purebred Lipizzaner must be registered in the Studbook. To this end, Libertas Lipizzaners provides each horse with a complete five (5) generation pedigree including DNA for the purpose of parent validation to ensure each horse the right to be registered in the Studbook.

A link to the Studbook of Origin can be found below.

Studbook of Origin