234 Pomona (iid)
Favory XXIV-33 x Pluto XXIX-23 imp Szilvasvsrad
1 July 2004

234 Pomona head

Pomona is tall, leggy mare with expressive movement and a faultless temperament.  It is anticipated Pomona will inject her lovely temperament and height into the Libertas breeding program. 

Pomona will be visiting 518 Siglavy Sienna for a 2021 foal. 

Pomona is on lease to Libertas Lipizzaners from Julie Brown. 


297 Sonata
226 Favory Naussica (imp/exp) x 209 Sydney

297 Sonata1

On lease to Libertas Lipizzaners, this mare was accredited Elite at the 2016 Lipizzaner Association of Australasia Accreditation under Dr Yvonne Peeters of the Netherlands. In addition, “Sonny” was ranked the overall highest scoring horse of the Accreditation.